Atlanta Yacht Club

AYC 2010 BBQ Throw Down


Rules of Engagement

The rules are simple.  If you want to compete, then you have to contact

Ed Marks no later than 9:00 PM, Thursday, August 26th.

  • 1.       Confirm commitment to compete in the BBQ Throw Down no later than Thursday, August 26th, with Ed Marks via email or phone: 770-364-7577.   If you don’t receive a confirmation from Ed, then you are NOT registered.
  • 2.      No store bought rubs, sauces or BBQ!  If you have questions, the answer is No.
  • 3.      You will have to cook one or two Boston Butts depending on how many register.
  • 4.      Judging will be on the final product, BBQ + sauce combined.
  • 5.      All pork must be completely cooked.
  • 6.      You have to deliver all your BBQ pork pulled, sauced and ready to serve to the clubhouse kitchen no later than 5:30 PM Saturday, September 4th.
  • 7.      Make sure your name is on the container that your BBQ is in.
  • 8.     Judging will commence at 6:00 PM Saturday, September 4th.
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