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2017 Women's Championship Regatta Sunday, September 3, 2017

More details forthcoming


2016 Women's Championship Regatta Sunday, September 4, 2016

Come join the AYC Ladies for a fun day of racing in Snipes!  The event will be followed by an hors d'oeuvre party where participants will be the guests of honor.

Race Results:

Skipper / Crew  Race 1  Race 2  Race 3  Final Place
Amanda Hodges / Jeannette Taylor 1 1 (4 pts) 
Heather Morse / Debbie Eberhard 3 1 3 2 (7 pts) 
Shelby Hatcher / Savannah Hatcher 3 (11 pts) 
Grace Hawkins / Carly Irvine 2 4 (11 pts) 

Mindy Sherry / Josie Sherry

6 5 (15 pts) 
Jennifer Garrett / Ava Kuznicki 7 6 (18 pts) 
Lucy Spearman / Ellie Spearman 9 7 (23 pts) 

Judy Ross / Leslie Irvine

4 10 (RET)  10 (DNS)  8 (24 pts) 
Adrienne Warnken / Peggy Padgett  8 9 (24 pts) 

Sailing Instructions (will be provided at the event)

Notice Of Race (download PDF)

Organized and hosted by the Atlanta Yacht Club, located at 7120 Yacht Club Drive, Acworth GA 30102.

1 Rules:

1.1      The Regatta will be governed by the current rules defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

1.2      Current AYC Rule Book regarding AYC Women‘s Championship, section IV, article B will apply.

2 Eligibility and Entry:

2.1      The regatta is open to any female, who is a Member of the Atlanta Yacht Club, the wife of a Member, or dependent of a Member.

2.2      All crew must be female.

2.3      Each participating skipper shall personally borrow a Snipe Class sailboat and race the same boat throughout the regatta.

2.4      A Skipper may not sail her own boat.

2.5      Interested skippers may register the day of the regatta during the Skippers’ Meeting by providing the name of her crew and the sail number of the boat she will be sailing.

2.6      There is no fee for participation.

3 Racing:

3.1      Three (3) races are scheduled.

3.2      One race sailed shall constitute a Championship.

3.3      All races will count.

4 Schedule for Sunday, September 4:

9:00 am - Skippers‘ Meeting at the AYC Signal Boat.

9:30 am - Thirty (30) minute signal for start of Race One.

9:55 am - Warning sound for Race One. Race Two to follow.

12:30 - 1:15 pm (approx.) - Complimentary lunch served at the Point.

1:30 pm (approx.) - Thirty (30) minute signal for start of Race Three.

6:30 pm - Hors d’oeuvre Party at the Clubhouse.

5 Sailing Instructions (SI):

5.1      Sailing Instructions and courses to be sailed will be available at the Skippers’ Meeting.

6 Scoring:

6.1      The Low Point Scoring System, as set forth by Appendix A of the RRS, will apply.

7 Awards:

7.1      Awards will be presented to the top three (3) skippers during the Annual AYC Awards Dinner.

8 More Information:

8.1      Contact Troy or Ashley Davis, co-regatta chairs, at (770) 329-7599 or

9 Disclaimer of Liability

9.1      Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk, RRS rule 4

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