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Marshmallow Intergalactic Championship

There was a REMARKABLE experience at the Atlanta Yacht Club.  The Snipe Fleet hosted the first annual Marshmallow Intergalactic Championship, aka, THE MIC, in which 31 sailors, organized into 15 teams of one experienced sailor and one beginner, participated. Most of the less experienced sailors skippered the boats. In that group we had 9 guests sailing, some for the very first time.  We had a total of 17 fleet member boats prepared for the event.

Thank you Snipers for lending your boats!

We sailed for about 1 hour in the morning to get the bugs out and learn the basics.  Then after a wonderful lunch we sailed all afternoon, some just cruising and some participating in the Fleet Races.  Everyone got either a blue Marshmallow or a red Hot Dog T Shirt. After the races numerous participants were awarded hot dog or marshmallow embroidered hats for their 'special performances’  during the day.

To all those that participated on and off the water thank you for helping make this such a powerful success.  A special thanks goes out to Claudia Bolles, Susan Vernon, Susan Carlson and Marianne Hackbarth for all the wonderful food and refreshments. The grilled hot dogs and s’mores, topped off with homemade Marshmallow and coconut ice cream, were the highlight of the day. The Snipe Fleet came together in spades and delivered!

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