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Y-Flyer Mid-Winter Championship

Hosted by the Atlanta Yacht Club

March 18-20, 2016

Notice of Race

Online Registration Form

Sailing Instructions (Coming Soon)


Friday, March 18th

6:00 Registration and welcome at the clubhouse

Saturday, March 19th

7:30 Breakfast at the clubhouse

7:30 Late registration open

9:00 Registration closed

9:30 Competitors meeting at pavilion

10:25 Warning signal for the first race with one race to follow

6:30 Dinner and music at the clubhouse

Sunday, March 20th

7:30 Breakfast at the clubhouse

9:25 First warning signal of the day with subsequent races to follow ASAP

No race will start after noon on Sunday

Lunch and awards to follow racing

RULES: Races will be governed by the 'rules' as defined in the 'Racing Rules of Sailing', the Notice of Race, the American Y-Flyer Yacht Racing Association and by the sailing instructions.

SCORING: Scores will be according to the Y class low point system. No scores excluded.


Skippers and crews who are current members of the Canadian or American Y-Flyer Sailing Associations may be entered by completing registration with the regatta organizing authority.

- AYFSA membership can be obtained at the regatta. Also, forms are available at:

$100 entry fee with a $5 discount for US Sailing members


Contact: Nile Hatcher 404-310-3841

Directions from Interstate 75

Turn east from Exit 277 on Highway 92 and proceed to the third traffic light at Hunt Rd. Turn left and go to the four-way stop sign (in about 400 yards.) Continue straight through the intersection and you will be on Kellogg Creek Road. Continue for approximately 1.25 miles to Yacht Club Drive. Turn left and continue another 1.25 miles and you will see the yacht club gate as the road bends to the left. Drive up close to the gate and it should open automatically.

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